Episode 11: The Way Out: Stories of Survival

Dear Listener,

I think it’s pretty common knowledge that some of the most important lessons we learn are lessons that difficult experiences teach us. Some of those experiences could be avoided, I guess, if we listened to our parents or to our friends or to the experiences of strangers. Others, however, just can’t be avoided and we’re forced into that turbulence and we either emerge from it wiser and stronger or we get stuck inside that chaos. That’s what today’s episode is about. Today we look back at that turbulence and we explore how some people got out and what they learned and how they’ve grown.

In our first story, producer Lupe Espinoza talks to Joey, a senior at our school, about the death of his uncle and about the power of music.

Our second story comes from producer Elizabeth Rosa. She interviews Angelica and together they explore what it takes to find courage and conviction.

Our third story is about Yami, a senior at our school, and about the lessons she learned after her first encounter with death.

Our final story by our producer Tabina Mahtab is one of redemption, it’s about finding a new purpose, a new role in life after being in the grips of gang life.

Thanks for listening. Our program today was produced by Lupe Espinoza, Elizabeth Rosa, Franky Morales, and Tabina Mahtab. Our creative directors for this episode are Anabell Cho, Ha Bin Lee, Karla Baires, and Brec Hipolito. Our production managers and marketing directors are Luz Cruz, Jonathan Sims, Jason Sims, and Se Mi Han. I’m executive producer, Andres Reconco. Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram @The Four–O-Eight and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. Thank you for listening. Tune in next month for our final episode of this 2nd season of “The Four-O-Eight”.

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