Episode 5: What We Don't Talk About

Dear Listener,

In this episode we focus on the things we don't like to talk about, issues we often find taboo or embarrassing or even dangerous. You'll hear a student talk about an extremely difficult decision, one that has changed her life forever. Then, you'll hear a story of a 10th grader who exposes the heartache her relationship with her father has caused her. After that you'll hear about a junior and her mother and how they have overcome the awkwardness of the sex talk. Finally, you'll listen to the story of a sophomore who shares her struggle with depression. You're in for a ride.



Andrés Reconco, our executive producer, speaks about the life that sometimes gets in the way of young people's ability to learn in school. His insight is important to anyone who wishes to get involved in the academic life of teenagers.

Story 1

Abortion is a controversial topic. There are strong feelings for and against it. This makes it a difficult topic to discuss. Team Mosaic has the story of a student who, when faced with an unwanted pregnancy, had to make this difficult choice.

Story 2

Haley is a 10th grader. In class she’s quiet, soft spoken, creative with her writing, deep with her poetry. She smiles a lot, laughs and plays around with her friends. Overall she’s a happy young woman. There is one topic, however, that puts a cloud over her head. The topic is her father.

Story 3

For many parents, talking about sex with their sons or daughters can be awkward and maybe even embarrassing. It shouldn't be. Team Phoenix has the story of Jimena and her mom and how they approached this sometimes tricky subject.

Story 4

Our final story is about the powerful force of depression. Team Racounteur tells the story of Sally and her struggle to find help.


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