Episode 4: Valentine's Day

Dearest listener,

In this episode we explore Valentine's Day. We look at how Valentines day is sometimes more than just about romantic love and materialistic devotion. You’ll hear a story about high school sweethearts, another one about the crazy things love makes us do and then one final one about a special kind of love, one you don’t necessarily think of when you think of Valentine’s day.


Executive producer Andrés Reconco interviews different students about what Valentine's day means to them. The responses range from funny to romantic.

Story 1:

Team Legacy explores the relationship of two LAHSA students: Blanca and Christopher. They discuss how they met and what keeps them together.

Story 2:

Team Raconteurs interviews Giselle, a girl who, because of love, decides to break rules she'd never considered breaking before. In the process she learned a lesson about love and companionship.

Story 3:

In our final story, team Phoenix explores Cecilia's love for someone very dear to her heart. She teaches us a lesson on the power of appreciation.

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