Episode 9: Unmerry X-Mas


Dearest Listener,

I know you know this because it’s obvious everywhere you go but it’s the holiday season! It’s Christmas time, Hannuka time, Kwanzaa time and you can even push the holidays into January and celebrate el dia de los tres reyes magos! I’m excited. I love the holidays. The food, the company, the vacation. All the colors everywhere, all the lights. I even like the crowds at the mall. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like this season.

With that said though, there are people for whom this season is not fun, not pleasant…for whatever reason.

This month’s episode focuses on the holiday season and on the different ways in which people experience these days. You’ll hear a story about one of our producer’s frustrations with not being able to celebrate Christmas with her family. You’ll also hear one of our teachers discuss what it’s like to be Jewish during a season which is heavily influenced by Christmas. Then you’ll hear a story about how one young woman still holds on to the idea of Santa Claus and the reasons why she does this will make you smile but will also put a litte bit of sorrow in your heart. Our final story will about a young woman for whom the holiday season is not as joyful as if could be and it’s all because of her parents.

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