Episode 16: The World that Shapes Us

Hi everyone, welcome to the Four-O-Eight! We’re at that time of the year again. Our freshmen will become sophomores, our sophomores Juniors, Our Juniors Seniors and our Seniors will begin their own personal journeys. Here at The Four-O-Eight we’re all excited about all this and I know that we, at LAHSA are ready for all of these changes because that’s who we are, that is the spirit that guides us in this school.

This month's episode has to do with how we adjust to changes and how those changes impact the core of who we are. You will hear a story about two young people’s love for one another and how the difficulties of that love has shaped who they are. You will also hear a conversation between a boy and a girl and about some of the misconceptions that are attributed to their gender. And finally you will hear a story about a former student of ours and about what it was like for her to make her journey to a university that is far from home.

So, stay tuned!

Our first story is brought to you by Shania Maestrado. She talks to two young women about the hardships they have faced because of their sexual orientation.

In our next story, producer Heaven Muñoz explores the roles that society says we have to fulfill as men and women.

And finally, we have Anahi Rios who talks to Tabina Mahtab about what it was like to go to a university that is far from her family.

All of us at The Four-O-Eight thank you for listening. We exist because you still listen to us!

Our program today was produced by Heaven Muñoz, Anahi Rios, and Yrah Rayos Del Sol. Our creative directors for this episode are Bryant Hernandez, Reyna Morales, and Jezryl De Roxas. Our production managers for this episode are Selma Ramos, Vanessa Reyes, and Shania Maestrado. Our marketing team is rocking our school with all kinds of cool posters and flyers and its members are Sally Melchor, Jesse Luna, Carlos Garcia and Allison Ambrosio. I’m executive producer, Andres Reconco. Please follow us on Instagram @The Four–O-Eight and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. Thank you for listening. Tune in next month for our final episode of Season 3 of “The Four-O-Eight”.