Episode 15: Hope

To have hope means to believe that there are grounds for believing that something good may happen. It’s like fuel to us. It's hope. It keeps us going, keeps us striving for what might be different, what might be better. We all know stories of people who have lost hope, who have given up whatever journey they’re taking because the guiding light they once had has extinguished. Today’s episode is about what hope looks like to different people and how they manage to hold on to this sometimes elusive thing.

The first story you will hear is about two teenagers, two high school students, who have found hope in a most unusual place.

Then, you'll hear a story about what happens when we make a mistake with long lasting serious consequences. What if the consequences of those mistakes impact the life of someone else? Where can we find solace? Where do we find hope? Producer Yrah Rayos Del Sol has a story about Art and how Art has the potential to heal.

After that story you will hear one that is partly about the horrible ways in which we sometimes treat children, about the scars we leave behind. It’s also about the resilience of the human spirit. Anahi Rios has that story for us.

The next story is about Diana, a junior at our school, an athlete and a scholar. She’s intelligent and resilient. Like many of our students, Diana has been dealt a challenging life, one that she’s navigated wisely so far. She lives with her mom, a woman who has been both a mother and a father. Her relationship with her father has always been tricky, complicated by resentment and broken promises. It is a story that demonstrates the hope and resiliency of a daughter that understands the adult world and all its self-constructed illusions.

Our final story comes from producer Heaven Muñoz. In it she interviews someone trapped inside drug addiction, someone who sees hope as something negative, something dangerous.

All of us as The Four-O-Eight thank you for listening. We exist because you still listen to us!

Our program today was produced by Heaven Muñoz, Anahi Rios, Yrah Rayos Del Sol, and Tanya Mendoza. Our creative directors for this episode are Bryant Hernandez, Reyna Morales, Jezryl De Roxas, and Jose Olvera. Our production managers for this episode are Selma Ramos, Vanessa Reyes, and Louie Uy. Our marketing team is rocking our school with all kinds of cool posters and flyers and its members are Sally Melchor, Jesse Luna, Carlos Garcia and Allison Ambrosio. I’m executive producer, Andres Reconco. Please follow us on  Instagram @The Four–O-Eight and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. Thank you for listening. Tune in next month for another episode of “The Four-O-Eight”.