Episode 12: We Are The Four-O-Eight Season 2

Dear Listener:

Today, June 9, 2017, is the end of the 2016-2017 school year. In a couple of hours the space in front of The Cocoanut Grove will be full of excited families carrying balloons, flowers, cameras and, sometimes, celebratory signs that they plan to display during the ceremony. They’ll of course be disappointed because they can’t carry the balloons or signs into the theater. The students, those wearing their cap and gowns, will all be assembled inside the dance room. That’s where they line up; that’s where they say their first goodbyes. That’s where some of the first tears erupt, sometimes that’s even where old broken relationships get mended. After that they’ll march into The Cocoanut Grove theater where friends and families await them with smiles and tears and flowers. It’s all over so quickly, too.

This episode of the Four-O-Eight marks the end as well. It marks the end of season 2. Clap a little for us. It’s a big deal. We have a couple of serious followers, students who stop me on a regular basis to ask when the new episode will air. It’s exciting when that happens. I hope this last episode stays in your consciousness for a long time, just like the graduating class of 2017 will stay in mine.

In today’s episode you will hear six stories. Each one is individually produced, recorded, and edited by the individual telling the story. This episode was not a group project.

The first story you will hear comes from Anabell Cho. In it she explores the power of social media and the impact it’s had on her life.

Our next story comes from Annicka Tiu. Annicka explores what it means to be family, what it means to be affectionate and what it means to understand.

As our seniors graduate and some find themselves moving to other states to continue their education they find themselves saying goodbye to old friends and to boyfriends and girlfriends. In our third story, Franky Morales explores what his move to Oregon will mean for his relationship with his girlfriend.

I’ve heard people say that High School isn’t high school if there’s no drama. When some adults say this we say it laughing because in retrospect the drama that happens in high school looks very small from a distance. Some of us have forgotten the trauma of those dramas. Keiry Molina is no alien to drama and in our fourth story she explores the damage it caused and the lessons she learned.

Our fifth story comes from Elizabeth Rosa and, in it, she talks about her relationship with her brother and the way in which he indirectly carved a path she would be asked to follow, a path she didn’t necessarily see as hers.

Our final story comes from Jason Sims. In it, he discusses what it’s like to have a dream be deferred by a physical injury.

That’s it for us this season. We’ll be taking a break until September when the new staff of The Four-O-Eight begins their school year. Thank you for staying with us, for listening, for giving us your attention and your patience. We would be purposeless without you.

My name is Andres Reconco and I am the executive producer of The Four O Eight. Until next time.

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