Episode 10: What We Wish We Could Say...Freely

Dearest Listener,

At The Los Angeles High School of the Arts we try our best to guide our students through a journey of self discovery. We ask them to reflect on who they are, what they like, what they hate, what they need to improve on. They’re good at it too. Our tenth graders, for example, write poetry that is very personal, full of personal insight, full of some very beautiful and purposeful vivid imagery. Some are even willing to share the poems in front of class. They’re brave like that.

This episode is an extension of that. We’ve titled it: “Things I wish I could say…freely”.

You’ll hear a story about a student who feels isolated because of her sexual orientation. You’ll also hear a story about an educator who grapples with finding the appropriate way of engaging her students in discussions about government in a way that is fair towards the government and fair towards the people this government represents. Finally, you’ll hear a story about a young man’s trauma, stemming from an unhealthy relationship with his father.

Our program this month was produced by Franky Morales, Tabina Mahtab and Lupe Espinoza. Our creative directors for this episode are Anabell Cho, Karla Baires and Brec Hipolito. Our production managers and marketing directors for this episode were Luz Cruz, Jason Sims, and Se Mi Han. I’m executive producer, Andres Reconco. Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram @The Four–O-Eight and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes.

We'd like to thank Kevin McLeod from incompetech.com for the amazing music.

-The Four-O-Eight