Episode 6: The Power of Perceptions

Dear Listener,

This month's episode is about the forces that shape our perceptions of everything around us and, often, our perceptions of ourselves. You’ll hear from a professional actor who discusses the role Hollywood has on shaping our perception of talent. You’ll also hear a story about a young man whose been influenced by his appreciation for Kanye West’s talent and a story about how a young woman’s search for love taught her the extent to which our perceptions of ourselves shape the way we interact with people.


Is it strange to run into teachers outside of school? The answers are surprising.

Story 1

Diversity in the film industry is important. We watch a lot of television, a lot of movies, and the power of this medium to shape the way we see ourselves and the world around us is palpable. Team Mosaic explores the power of the film industry and what we can do to help improve its diversity.

Story 2

The 24 hour news cycle is saturated by celebrity news. Sometimes we know information about a particular celebrity not because we go out in search for the information but because at some point in our daily browsing of the internet some bit of celebrity information will just appear randomly. Team Raconteur explores the impact the lives of celebrities have on our own lives.

Story 3

Dating is intimidating. Part of the difficulty might be that sometimes the whole act of dating calls for a shift in behavior, a shift in persona. Team Legacy explores the consequences of wanting someone to like us for who we are while actively choosing what we reveal about ourselves and what we don’t.


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