Episode 8: Horror Stories

Hola, dear listeners,

This is the first episode of season 2 of The Four-O-Eight! How crazy is that?! We're very excited about this!

Since we’re so close to Halloween we decided that it would be fitting to look at situations that have the potential to be terrifying to us and how we go about dealing with said situations. You will hear an interview with the newest members of our LAHSA family, Mr. Matthew Muranaga, in which he discusses his love and appreciation for horror stories. Our second story is about what it's like to be an undocumented student right before high school graduation. Our third story is about a young woman who has had a close relationship with this supernatural world that most of us fear so greatly. In our final story we hear about a woman who could have been the victim of a demonic possession.

Our program today was produced by Tabina Mahtab, Keiry Molina, Elizabeth Rosa, and Franky Morales. Our creative directors for this episode are Karla Baires, Ha Bin Lee, Annicka Tiu and Brec Hipolito. Our production managers and marketing directors are Yerim Hwang, Jonathan Sims, Deysi Atenco, Sarah Bong and Se Mi Han. I’m executive producer, Andres Reconco. Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram @The Four–O-Eight and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. Thank you for listening. Tune in next month for another episode of “The Four-O-Eight”.

-The Four-O-Eight Staff