Episode 3: Loss

Dearest listener,

In this episode we explore the topic of loss. What’s it like to lose something or someone you love? How do we cope with that loss? What do we do to try to fill the void left by what was once there?


Executive producer Andrés Reconco talks to a student we’ll call K.T. (for privacy reasons). K.T. shares why he joined to club POPS (Pain Of the Prison System) and what type of impact being surrounded by the energies of prison has had on his life.

If you’re interested in finding more about POPs the club please visit their website @www.popstheclub.com.

Story 1:

Annicka, one of our production managers and marketing directors talks to her grandmother who recently lost her husband of 57 years. She reflects on what that loss was like as well as how she managed the pain of that loss.

Story 2:

Parenthood isn’t on the minds of many sixteen year olds. But, what are the consequences when something happens at that age that limits the possibility of having kids as an adult? David Calvo explores this situation by talking to our very own Dr. Isabel Morales.

Story 3:

In this next segment Producer Chris Castro and Creative Director Whitney Gonzalez explore the value of lessons and memories left behind by those who have passed away. They will talk to a student who lost a teacher and who was left with something very valuable.

Story 4:

In our final story Consuelo Hernandez explores the inevitability of loss and how one person coped and learned how to survive.