Episode 2: Expectations

Dearest listener,

In this episode we’re looking at “expectations”, particularly expectations people have of us or we have of ourselves, and how it doesn’t matter whether or not we meet those expectations because at the end, they’ve shaped the people we’ve become.


Andres Reconco talks to three LAHSA 9th graders and they reveal the expectations they had of high school and whether or not they have changed in the past three months of school.

Segment #1

Chris Castro talks to Luz, a Guatemalan woman who talks about her experience with stereotypes and their ability to mask the unexpected. Being exposed to stereotypes, she argues, can shape us into more open minded individuals.

Segment #2

Yaahjairi Blas is a model. She's gotten a taste of the industry and all of the responsibilities and challenges that come with the job. Consuelo Hernandez talks to her about her experience and about whether or not Yaahjairi's ideas about beauty have been changed by her experience in the modeling industry.

Segment #3

Esther Yang and her team take a look at how beauty standards rob people of their identity and how these standards can sometimes scar individuals and change them, at times for the worst and at other times for the better.

Segment #4

In this final segment Yorgy Flores tackles gender identity and the societal expectations that are attached to being a boy or a girl. Kelly Hernandez explains what it's been like to not fit into the restrictive mold society has shaped for girls.

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