It's not all just fun and games at The Four-O-Eight. We take our education seriously. Below are the skills we practice every time we produce an episode of our show.


The LAHSA Outcomes: These are sets of skills students at the Los Angeles High School of the Arts practice through their four year academic journey. These work in conjunction with the Common Core Standards.


LAHSA grads articulate ideas in a clear and organized fashion in multiple ways.

  • Structure ideas with clarity and cohesion (CCSS ELA-Literacy W11-12.1 & W11-12.2 & W11-12.4, SL11-12.4)
  • Employ effective and appropriate ways to engage a particular audience (CCSS ELA-Literacy W11-12.4, SL11-12.4, SL11-12.6)
  • Adeptly applies most effective digital and visual tools to communicate intended message (CCSS ELA-Literacy W11-12.6, W11-12.8, SL11-12.5)


LAHSA grads contribute to the global and local community as culturally aware and informed citizens and leaders.

  • Stay informed about local and global issues and governmental process, in order to participate as engaged citizens of local and global communities
  • Learn from collaborations with individuals representing diverse cultures, religions and lifestyles in a spirit of mutual respect and open dialogue in personal, work and community contexts (CCSS ELA-Literacy SL11-12.1)
  • Critically analyze how media can influence beliefs and behaviors and utilize media effectively to convey values or point of view (CCSS ELA-Literacy W11-12.8, W11-12.9, SL11-12.3)
  • Leverage interpersonal skills to guide and lead others, and by example inspire others to reach their very best (CCSS ELA-Literacy SL11-12.1)


LAHSA grads maintain accountability within the dynamics of a team.

  • Move fluidly from one role to another (CCSS ELA-Literacy SL11-12.1)
  • Collectively create a plan to fulfill the expectations of a task.
  • Manage time, workload, and team members efficiently (CCSS ELA-Literacy SL11-12.1)
  • Fulfill the responsibilities of multiple roles (CCSS ELA-Literacy SL11-12.1)
  • Respectfully mediate conflict and negotiate compromise among team members (CCSS ELA-Literacy SL11-12.1)

Critical Thinking

LAHSA grads strategically and systematically solve problems through analysis and inquiry.

  • Independently pull from both conventional and innovative strategies to apply the most relevant and logical procedure needed to solve a problem (L11-12.4)
    • (Understand context, formulate question, propose a strategy, check solution for validity and relevance, apply solution)
    • Persevere through difficult problems with procedural fluency
  • Analyze how parts of a whole interact with each other to produce overall outcomes in complex systems (CCSS ELA-Literacy W11-12.8, RI11-12.2, RI11-12.3, RI11-12.5)
  • Effectively analyze and evaluate evidence, arguments, claims and alternative points of view when applicable (CCSS ELA-Literacy W11-12.1, W11-12.7, W11-12.8, W11-12.9, SL11-12.3, RI11-12.1, RI11-12.3, RI111-12.7)
  • Interpret and synthesize information to make connections and draw conclusions based on the best analysis (CCSS ELA-Literacy W11-12.1, W11-12.7, W11-12.8, W11-12.9, RI11-12.1, RI11-12.5, RI11-12.6, L11-12.5)
  • Reflect critically on learning experiences and processes (CCSS ELA-Literacy W11-12.5)

Forward Thinkers

LAHSA grads independently set goals and implement a plan and reflect on their current academic and post-secondary goals.

  • Respond productively to praise, setbacks, and criticism, and give or incorporate feedback effectively (CCSS ELA-Literacy W11-12.5)
  • Manage goals and time like a professional by balancing short-term and long-term goals and utilizing time and workload efficiently.
  • Demonstrate initiative and resourcefulness to expand one’s own learning.
  • Continuously reflect critically on past experiences in order to inform future progress.